Last weekend at Coachella Kid Cudi took a photo with none other than David Hasselhoff. Is The Hoff a Cudder fan? Does Cudi love Baywatch? Who knows. All we know is that photo is awesome because it's so unexpected. As much as we love seeing throwback photos of our favorite rappers hanging out together, we also love to see photos of rappers hanging out with other types of celebrities. The more random, the better.

Now, we kinda expect rappers to hang out with other musicians. And sometimes super famous people are known for being down with rap (take President Obama for example) so it's not a surprise to see them with rappers. But the rest of the time? We're just left wondering, "How did they get together to take a photo?" Check out 31 Awesome Photos of Rappers with Random Celebrities and we promise you'll be asking the same thing...

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