If you've not been up on the latest in the burgeoning Jim Jones/Cam'ron beef saga, we've already seen Capo get emotional during an interview with Funkmaster Flex, followed by Cam getting on Instagram Live to break down his side of the story. On this week's episode of The Joe Budden Podcast, Budden took the time out to speak on how he saw the situation, and got into Cam's previous claim of copyrighting the ByrdGang name.

For those who don't remember, Jones was the one who started the ByrdGang group back in 2006, but during his livestream, Cam went on record to say that he was the one who actually owns the rights to the name. "He said he ‘nah’ we Dipset, ByrdGang, that’s just our nickname. So what I did was," Cam continues, "I’m just being totally honest, I copywrote the name ByrdGang. Because I’m like if you not trying to do nothing shiesty or try to separate yourself, it shouldn’t matter if I got it…if you want to branch off and do your own thing, that’s not a problem, but you told me you wasn’t. So I was like ‘I’ll put it to the side.'"

Budden wasn't feeling that particular line of reasoning, and addressed it during his podcast, making it clear that "when he said, 'You told me you wasn't doin' nothing with ByrdGang, so I copyrighted it,' I would've f*cked him up, immediately!"

It looks like Cam caught wind of what Joe had to say, and spoke out about it via Instagram.

"Somebody wake Joey up," Cam began, "Cause he ain't gonna open my Dm.. Despite what people think.. I got genuine love for capo. We know each other's families.. It would never go there. (Not on my end) but u.. U can't afford these problems.. U think ransom was at ya door.."

As of right now, Budden hasn't spoken publicly about what Cam had to say; who knows if he will send a tweet or just wait until the next episode of his podcast to speak on it. Hell, they might be DMing right now. Hopefully things can be addressed accordingly. We'll keep you updated on this situation as it develops.