Toronto comedian, Evan Rissi, wanted to know if Canada needed another cult film. To find the answer, he surveyed over 500 Canadians across the country, asking them to name their favorite Canadian flick. Only 20% of them could even muster an answer.

Rissi's response? He assembled a team to make something he hopes to fill the void. After spending a long-weekend shooting test footage, Rissi came back with Going In. An action-comedy set in 1989. But in order to complete Going In, Rissi started an Indiegogo campagin to nab some help. "Films are expensive" he says in the campaign video, and "the more money the better". Check out the trailer for Going In, below. You can also see the full proof of concept video here.


Going In has 16 days left to reach its goal of $100,000. You can donate to their Indiegogo page here.