The new 2Pac biopic All Eyez On Me had what you might call a shaky first weekend. Although the movie brought in a decent amount of money during its opening weekend at the box office, it also came under fire for what a number of people noticed were historical inaccuracies with the movie. In a biopic—particularly one about a beloved figure—that's just inexcusable.

While people like Jada Pinkett Smith expressed their disdain over the altered history, others took a more comedic approach. Daquan, the meme king of Instagram, was one of the leaders of the roast session directed at All Eyez On Me, and his caption of "I left when I saw Pac playin 2k17" directed at the movie inspired an army of copycats.


I left when I saw pac playin 2k17😂

A post shared by Daquan Gesese (@daquan) on Jun 17, 2017 at 10:35pm PDT

From there, a barrage of ahistorical timelines that probably didn't take place in All Eyez On Me hit Twitter, reducing the movie to a meme.

Wading through the memes, maybe you can start to see why 50 Cent said All Eyez On Me was, "like I was watching a Lifetime TV movie in a theater." For it to be bad and inaccurate enough to inspire such a ridiculous meme, it really had to have pushed the wrong buttons.

Producer L.T. Hutton clapped back at the criticism over the weekend, but it's probably too late to recover from this one. But who knows, if people find the meme this funny, maybe there's a market for a sequel—if we're going ahistorical, I wouldn't be opposed to a buddy cop movie featuring 2Pac and hologram 2Pac.