Kanye West has tapped into the sneaker and apparel market with various collections and collaborations. But could his next endeavor be a furniture line with Ikea?

A user in the Kanye To The forum first reported spotting Kanye at Ikea's headquarters in Sweden. It was later confirmed by the company itself. "That's right, we can confirm that he is there. I don't want to and can't say more than that he is in Älmhult at Ikea today," Ikea's press officer Jakob Holmström confirmed to Stockholm-based paper Aftonbladet. Holmström would not confirm nor deny whether the rumors of a design collab were true. "Time will tell," he told The Associated Press

The Independent wrote that Kanye reportedly met with Ikea to discuss a possible design collaboration. If this were true, it wouldn't be a surprise given Kanye's longstanding interest in art, design, and architecture. As he once tweeted: "We can collectively [affect] the world through design."

Maybe Virgil Abloh, who's expressed an interest in designing furniture, will help out. We've reached out to Kanye's team for confirmation and will update when we have more information.

Kanye West at Ikea's headquarters in Sweden / Image via Kanye To The